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This is a problem with Madden NFL running backs in real life

A lot of people make the mistake of out running their blockers. This happens most with fullbacks. Ironically this is a problem with NFL running backs in real life. The greats knew how to be patient. I often run outside too. I will note that run way outside in a way that's unrealistic to real football.

This is a problem with Madden NFL running backs in real life

For instance I'm often running a sweep that goes outside the WR's. I'm those situations the fullback usually goes to a defender that I don't want. In that situation the FB is just picking up a defender that has gotten off a block. Same goes for lineman who are pulling.


I'm not arguing that this game works FB's properly. I am arguing that we players rarely use HB's properly. The game is trying to appear realistic. If it did what most of us want it to, it wouldn't appear that way.


Most "real life" football plays have HB's run right off the hip of their lineman. A sweep to the outside is running just outside of the TE. Rarely do I see anyone play that way. (Including me.) In those scenarios if you you're probably best without a FB, or any other lineman lead blocking. FB's are probably a bit OP inbetween the tackles. They block much better than real life would dictate.


Fullbacks are very important imo. Hitting a good fullback in the flat damn near guarantees you at LEAST one broken tackle (truck stick or the "button war" feature).

As far as the run game, you just have to find the right formations. Problem Wright kicked ass with fullback runs. I know they've been toned down now, but you can find some fire in the lab. Check out the FB Dive from Gun Split Close. If you mix that in with HB Power, I can almost guarantee you'll be kicking ass w/ your FB.

I haven't had any issues blocking w/ the FB - so I can't really comment on that.


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