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Enjoy the videos about the basics. It builds a nice foundation from where you can go and try yourself in h2h

It has been like this for years. It is all about games played. I was always a competitor of the highest level even if I only played every few says. I actually could hold my own back in the day when skill and overall advancement into higher ranks mattered on the skill and rank of your opponent.


In today's game you defeat a top 500 player and see your ranking go nowhere nomatter the amount of wins versus top tier players. Years past you beat the best you get rewarded by climbing up the leaderbiards and also by consistently winning. But now, NOW YOU NEED TO PLAY WELL OVER 200 GAMES WITHIN THE FIRST MONTH TO EVEN BE IN THE TOP 500 or just flat out win at any cost. Win 30+ games and lose none and maybe you might see the top 500 but stop playing for a week and see your hard work and ranking go down the hill and past by some gamer who is literally 75-40. Its all about games played especially after you lose 20 + games in Madden now. There is no such thing as skill based matchmaking because the top gamers don't want that and neither does EA the company because it makes the game look bad when the wealth and winning is shared and the dream of chasing and getting to the elite level tiers of competition and players is disrupted by us "commoners". 


And don't get me started on MUT. That is not skill that is play to win and a complete waste of US COMMONERS MONEY!! Remember these top tier MUT and MADDEN gamers today are sponsored and paid for their "madden tips and gameplay videos". They do not waste a penny of their hard earned (cough cough bs) money. 


My highest on MLB THE SHOW was 1 and I finished 8th and 2K BASEBALL leader board was 1and I finished ranked 80th and on Madden was in the 100 years ago before pay to win and endless hours of gaming mattered.


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