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Overtime rules aren't applied: overtime game where the CPU kicked a field goal on there first drive of OT and the game ended.


QB backfield forcefield: if you blitz through the O-line while playing defense on a clear path to sack the QB your user controlled player hits an invisible wall where you can't touch the QB.

QB sack roughing the passer called: Same scenario as above play however the user controlled player drove tackled the QB. Sack was given as well as a Roughing the passer while the QB has the ball in hand.


User Controlled Defense: If a pass is thrown and the user clicks to take control of the nearest player to the pass the player is unable to jump for an interception or pass deflection. User controlled player cannot make a defensive play to stop the receiver from catching with ease.


Game Freezes: Experienced 3 times while calling a no huddle play where the game freezes. Play continues with no controller capability. Able to pause game into the main menu but the game will lock there. PS4 menu control still capable but a complete PS4 restart is needed.


Endzone pylon glitch: Ran into the endzone knocking the pylon while being tackled. Play called as no touchdown, challenge will fail. Game continues on next down but counts the stats as a touchdown. Score TD with same player on next play (1st and goal) 0-6 game but player stats show 2 touchdowns. Commentary comments on more than 1 TD as well.


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