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This game, football, has depth. There was a stretegic remedy for pulling a defensive lineman off the line of scrimmage to roam the middle. The strategy of football and Madden only devolves from chess to checkers when we look at the move/counter relationship as a 1:1 ratio. If someone pulls their defensive lineman off the line of scrimmage, there are dozens of ways to make them pay for doing so, not just one. Thus it's still chess like, but only if we think beyond our first successful attack.

Madden players that typically have a problem with any strategy fail to go deeper in their bag of strategy than the first thing that works, if they get that far, before they declare a strategy cheese. As a result, the devs react with knee-jerk fixes aimed at swaddling the lowest common denominator of Madden players - the ones that play like spectators watching on TV at home where no amount of interaction effects the outcome.


In my opinion, "abuse" isn't using one of your 11 defenders to roam the field... That's a perfectly logical and legal football tactic with valid football risks. Abuse, in my opinion, is rallying the devs to alter the game's programming to curb the use of the 11 players at our disposal in a manner that prevents us from deploying them as we see fit. It''s a practice that has no basis in the realm of football rule, lore, and most importantly, has no strategic remedy. Taking away threats so there is no longer a need to think of a strategic remedy is what makes the strategy devolve to the level of checkers, not the other way around.


There are many simple minded Madden players that mimic what they see from other players, who cruise YouTube looking for some type of edge and couldn't think their way out of a wet paper bag. They get so enamored with one tactic and look no further. 


Those games don't have to be boring, for me or them. I take it as a personal challenge to show them the error in their ways because I have played enough games to know I need a robust plan for just this tactic. My plan involves a ton of movement runs where linemen pull or trap, and fullbacks lead or counter block. My opponent is spending so much mental effort trying not to get blocked, he can't make any of the plays he's hoping to make.


In the end, I'm doing the community a service by using the plethora of strategies against a tactic to demonstrate it's flaws in order to get the subscriber to such tactics to recognize that there is a time and place for the tactic and they should be more selective as to when they use it.


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