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My madden drafted players

It seems to be a lot easier with inside linebackers. They'll generally have an A- and a B+ trait, and they're almost always a quick or superstar development. I've drafted three MLBs in the middle rounds over the years (I run a 3-4) and I've gotten two quick develops (two fifth rounders) and a superstar develop (fourth round) that way.

My madden drafted players

I've gotten two superstar development guards (one was a third projected as a fourth, one was a fourth projected as a sixth) who had outstanding combine grades.


I've found several solid safeties in rounds 5-7 (no superstar or quick develops) by drafting high combine grades, which usually leads to 73-74 overalls that were third round values. I've found several good tight ends (one in the fourth as a quick develop and one in the third as a superstar develop) and they generally tend to be projected for a later round but scouted out to a slightly better value, with decent combine stats.

I've found that DTs who grade out well in the 3-come and shuttle drills generally turn out to be pretty solid. I've drafted a slew of quick develops in rounds 4-5 that way.


I like to go for wide receivers with good 3-cone and shuttle drills as well. Haven't gotten a lot of superstar or quick develops like this, but can find some agile route runners who are like 74-76 overall that will develop into low 80 overall players.


I've never been a fan of investing heavily in the running back spot, so going with an athletic running back in round 6 or 7 can generally get you a third round value (70-72 overall). EDIT: alternatively, running backs with good strength and high trucking always seem to pan out well, even if they don't have ideal development traits.


None of this is an exact science, and it's very difficult to find superstars in the draft, as there are usually very few. Most players you get are going to be normal players. I wouldn't concentrate on landing a superstar in the late rounds, as much as I would just try to find value. As a general rule of thumb, if your draft has no sub-70 overall players in it, it's a good class.


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