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Madden NFL idea if this is by design?

Part of the reason the devs took this step is to combat what the community calls cheese in online play. The other part is the fact that we let the community decide what is and what isn't legitimate football strategy. I don't trust the community enough to make those decisions and include myself as part of the community that shouldn't be trusted. Here's why. For virtually every element of cheese that I've read about or experienced in the past 14 years of online play since Madden 2003 I can find a legitimate football reason to implement the strategy in a game. For example: 

Shotgun plays are designed to combat blitzes by giving the quarterback distance to take the snap and survey the field before the rush reaches him. This is a highly accepted strategy that has it's roots in several decades of Madden NFL football. In Madden 2003 several players used Punt formation to exaggerate the benefits of shotgun formations and hot routed fake punt plays to create a powerful and unorthodox offense at the cost of the 15 yard drop to downfield throws. Because the community saw the adaptation as cheese, EA opted to ignore the Madden NFL rule stating any player can be substituted at any position, restricted substitutions, and eliminated the potential that we could adopt a similar strategy in the future.


In the early 90's the Buffalo Bills K-Gun offense used Don Beebee to create interference that impeded the progress of pass rushers and created potential mismatches that pit linebackers against faster wide receivers. In Madden 2004 players often motioned a flanker across the formation and snapped the ball while the receiver was behind the offensive line in similar fashion for virtually the same reasons. Because the community viewed the tactic as cheese, EA forced blocking assignments upon any receivers behind the offensive line at the snap preventing Madden players from simulating one of the most powerful offenses in Madden NFL history.


In the 1960's, Tom Landry's Dallas Cowboys utilized a defensive tackle playing one yard off the line of scrimmage and called it the 4-3 Flex that made the defensive tackle an extra split second to read and react to offensive blocking schemes and distance to flow sideline to sideline. In Madden, this strategy was commonly used to drop linemen into coverage and flow sideline to sideline to defend the run. Because the community considered this method cheese, in Madden 2005 EA opted to force all non-user controlled players playing on the defensive front to move back to their original position, eliminating the ability of players to simulate the 4-3 flex defense.


These are just a few instances of how In three consecutive versions of Madden legitimate strategic options that are both legal and within the realm of tactical solvency, but because the community is unfamiliar with and/or unwilling to lend credence to the merit of those strategies simply toss them away as cheese. In turn, EA follows suit with a heavy handed overstep that rips these strategic tactics from those of us that can not only justify these strategies from an X's and O's aspect but can also point to historical evidence that these prove these tactics are SIM.


Let's not assume that we will get this option back. The items listed above, once removed, have never been returned to the hands of the players.


That said, Seeing how every strategy we've ever seen is a direct result of the rules, I'm a firm believer in the rules of the Madden NFL as the only restrictions necessary to provide Madden players with a valid simulation. I prefer to not have to deal with "cheese" strategies per se, I use the rules of the Madden NFL as my standard - not the sensitivities wnd whims of the community that may or may not have a knowledge or appreciation of the rules and history that birthed every strategy they consider "SIM."


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