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Madden NFL 17 Player Archetypes

So in previous Maddens, a player starts with an archetype (Speed DE, RZT WR, Power HB etc) but when you moved positions (even from LE to RE etc), the Archetype would reset to whatever had the highest OVR irrelevant of the style of player, so if you moved a 3-4 Versatile DE from RE to LE, if he had slightly better speed, his archetype could change to Speed Rusher, even though he was 300lbs. Annoying for some. 


This year, the projected Archetype is shown in the first page of the Edit Player screen, so you know what they would change to before saving any edits, and if you didn't like it then just don't save the changes! Woo I hear you say?

It possibly gets better, it seems if a player had a previously assigned Archetype (i.e. had been set at that position in previous CFMs/Madden) they revert to that Archetype instead of the highest OVR one, e.g. When I moved Scott Crichton for the Vikings from DT to LE, the edit menu said he would become a “Speed Rusher” but when I exited, his player card said “4-3 Run-stuffer” instead, which was his archetype for M16. Amazing!!.... or it is an anomoly where the “edit player archetype” doesn't quite match the requirements of the “OVR archetype”. 


There are some anomalies though, for instance, when changing a couple of Power HBs to FB I noticed the edit menu would state “Blocking FB” but the archetype would end up “Runner-receiver” even though that player had never been a FB before so didn't have the preassigned Archetype. 


However, this year, thanks to full player editing, if the new Archetype goes funny and you don't like it, you can edit it!!!!! Move the player, save the change, go back to their player card and edit player again and change the archetype. You have to change it after the move as it will revert to highest OVR archetypes whilst editing for the move.


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