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Madden Mobile Master - Live Event Tracker not incrementing correctly

Upon the game launch you used to receive credit for every live event that you won, whether it was the first time or the 40th time.


Now you only receive credit for the first time.

Madden Mobile Master - Live Event Tracker not incrementing correctly

I opened case 25868375 and was basically told that if my friends are seeing the same thing, then this is the way it was intended to work. (WOW...really! You mean that all of my friends would be impacted by a programming change too? How novel.)

Nobody there can help me. Despite submitting the case as a "Bug Report/Issue", I'm being told that bugs need to be reported on the forum. So here we are. According to the EA representative the programmers only review the forum for bugs.


So back to the issue....


Prior to the update I had been watching closely my progress on both the live event and sets master achievements. After the update the rate slowed dramatically despite grinding daily in live events.


I took the time to break it down for EA to prove that this is not how the logic was prior to the update.


Madden Mobile 17 Launch - 8/16 (Tuesday)


47 play days

The below shows the day of the week, the number of events on that day that I could play in PST, the number of times that day of the week has occurred from launch until now, and the maximum total of events that could be achieved using the new logic.

Monday 13 6 78

Tuesday 8 7 56

Wednesday 8 7 56

Thursday 11 7 77

Friday 7 7 49

Saturday 10 7 70

Sunday 12 6 72

47 458

So, if what I've been told by EA is true, then I shouldn't have any more than 458 events completed.


Somehow I've achieved 511 though. How could this be?


As stated before, the logic was +1 to the counter for every "W" in a Live Event. Whether it was the first time or 40th.


Now the logic is the same as the Sets Master shown directly below the Live Event Master in Mobile Master Achievements. Sets master states "DIFFERENT" sets. You only receive credit in the Sets Master the first time you complete the set.


From where I'm sitting it's pretty clear that the programmers applied the wrong logic (the sets master logic) to the Live Event Master as well.


If this isn't the case then the description of the achievement should be changed to reflect "DIFFERENT" and EA should let everyone know that this logic has been completely changed.

Can a programmer please compare the logic for this achievement from the time of MM17 launch until now?


Did it occur to me how "easy" completing 750 live events would be? Are you serious with that question? Completing 750 live events is not easy. I'm also at 96/100 different sets. That was easier.


I opened the ticket because of what I witnessed before the update and what I witnessed after the update. I was following it very closely because I just made it to HOF in H2H and was trying to see what else needed to be cleared for MM.

I'm at 512 events. Please explain to me how that could be when it's only mathematically possible to be at 458?


Please also explain why the sets achievement clearly states "different" sets, but the live event achievement doesn't? Why add "different" to the description for only the sets if they're in fact calculated the same?


How many live events have you completed? If you're over 458 then you too are wrong.


 I googled it and found someone that stated the same about last year. Started to think more about it and I think I'm not adding in events like Legend and Flashback that probably count as more than 1 also because they're multi-part.


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