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Madden 17 has til the next update and then I am moving on from NFL games

HOW is it possible to always lose the same amount of games you win in a row? I have played players that I know [edited for language] well cannot play madden. Running the same plays on Defense and offense. No sense of football skills at ALL and they make plays and I drop balls. One I lose the same amount I win the next game. Really, that was the same thing on Madden 16. I use the Bears and I am [edited for language] good at Madden because I know how to use my players. If I have to use a high rated [edited for language] team just to play online its a waste. I already have to deal with the no penalty online trash and then setting people up for loses to keep games close is [edited for language]. Madden 17 has til the next update and then I am moving on from NFL games. If there was penalties then it would be even but dealing with the gameplay online is not an option. Please let players know what you trying to do online. Arcade or Sim like offline.

thanks for responding. I was asking a question about sim or arcade. It has the feel of a sim with arcade rules. I mean the O line with no penalties can make it hard for a pass rush. Which can create time for the Defense to break down. Its cool on some plays but not all of them. The penalties are frustrating but they happen. Pass interference is happening when you play someone that controls a corner or middle linebacker. While they push your player out of the way for a INT. That is the discipline that is needed. It makes people not use cheese like that.


The updates pushed the game back to the previous year. Madden had fumbles, which if you protect the ball you good. But because people fumbled alot because they didnt want to protect the ball, they patched it where the game play is reckless and no matter how dumb people play you cant cause a fumble. Wide receivers are not getting punished with big hits because injuries are turned almost off. Penalties are off except for offsides or false start on 4th down. These are the same things that plagued the game last year. I play because I love the Bears, but when Skyrim Remastered come out. Thats where my Madden is going if the gameplay stays the same. I stopped playing 16 because its aggravating to see your players get pulled down by the face mask and there is no call. I know what the thought behind it is, but in Basketball you cant take fouls out if they call them to much. Let football be football Madden. Trying to make the game tolerable is ruining it. I need my players to get called for dumb holds and face masks. Its apart of football. I guess thats why the slogan is no longer "If its in the game, its in the game"


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