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Just google madden 17 manual

No doubt I always try and lay off the Turbo for as long as possible, that's a definite must have tip for running.


My original post was geared more towards seeing more realism and organic running when you take the hand off. In the NFL, you see a lot of backs quickly jump cut to the right and left to find holes. I just think with the focus on the run game this year, we should have that option. The steerable juke is prob the closest thing you get to a jump cut but it's more of a forward momentum move and is a beacon for suction tackles as well.

If you look at the detailed manual online (just google madden 17 manual), it goes into a good amount of depth on all the running combinations that you can do. One of the controls specifies that you can do a precision jump cut behind the line of scrimmage by pressing LT+right stick left or right but this isn't the case. You do the same precision juke animation that you would in the open field.


Just think they could adjust the animations in a patch or tuning update so that you see different animations when juking behind the line of scrimmage. I know it isn't a "bug" or anything, but it would def be a welcomed addition and would add that much more realism to the run game. Otherwise it's just: take handoff, run straight, cut into hole, find open field, maybe try a fakeout move, accelerate some more. I know that's a really simplified and over exaggerated description but I mean, the run game in real life is based on split second decision making and I just don't see enough of it.


Not to mention the fake out mechanic is almost predetermined but that's a rant for another day.


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