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Improvements and ideas for Madden NFL 17

Let's start with customizable option in franchise mode. When you're at the screen where you choose the coach or player, owner, there should also be an option to where you want to stick with the scheme of the coach or create a new scheme. If you create a new scheme then you would go into choosing your base offense( 2rb 1te 2wr, 1rb 1te 3wr or 1rb 2te 2wr) and base defense(4-3, 3-4, Multiple D), then you would go into creating a new playbook where the plays that involve you base offense and defense are already in there and you fill out the rest up to the 500 max. Finally you'd set the ratio subs, a new feature to Madden, where you'd set the ratio subs for the offense and defense/ For example, if you're playing with Cincinnati and you want Giovanni Benard to get 2 plays for every 3 plays Jeremy Hill gets then the ratio subs would look like this (Starting RB 3:backup RB 2). You could go as high as 10 and as low as 0(meaning they'd only come in when the starter or player in front of him was tired.) QBs, Ks, Ps, and OLs would not have ratio subs since they rarely subbed for in real life. After that you can start your season.

There are still stadiums issues. From what I've seen you've fixed most of them but the Metlife stadium is still upside down in Broadcast view and in Gilette Stadium the Patriots are on the south sideline when they should be at the north sideline. Also, whether you keep or revamp the new kick meter(revamp it please) when you punt if you're using broadcast view that's where you should punt from. Not behind the punter. It especially doesn't work when you're backed up in your on end and you can't see the meter because the ticker is in the way. As Always thank you for allowing your fans to give you ideas to make the best football game even better.


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