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EA can you guys please allow us to fully edit players?

1. EA can you guys please allow us to fully edit players? And by that I mean arm size/definition. Bell/chest size. Feet/leg size. And I mean is, I want this in online/offline CFM. I hate drafting a Running Back that 5'10 190 pounds, but have the arm size of a jacked linebacker. Or drafting a lineman, but has the arm size of De'Anthony Thomas. Now I know to some this ain't a big deal, but I don't play online, and only play offline CFM.

EA can you guys please allow us to fully edit players?

2. KEEP UP WITH EQUIPMENT!!!!! I mean finally you guys added 1 armed sleeves. 10 years to late lol. Why aren't the Compression sleeves in the game? I mean the sleeves we get in the game. . . . I mean who was the last guy you saw with a full arm sleeve on one arm?


3. Can we fix the head issue? I know it was addressed, but why is it, that it look's like some of my guys look like bobble heads out there?

4. Are we ever going to be able to create our own Draft Classes? Sorry if this has been addressed, but I haven't seen anything on it.


Also another thing I forgot to add, is coordinators. If we play in Franchise mode as coach, and or owner, allow us to pick all of out staff. It's really dumb how we only get to pick out coach, Scout, and trainer.


I got a guy I had to release. He was my 2nd round MLB. Drafted him he was 77 overall. Was all excited. But he was 225lbs so I thought I'd adjust it to like 240. Didn't pay attention. And so now he is 240 and the size of Muhammed Wilkerson. So I took all his stats to 1 and cut him.


It was. I wanna be able to hire/ make my own Coordinator's and I mean I can make my own coach/owner. Buthe I'd like to make the game more in depth outside of the actual games. I think this year game is solid. Just CFM is very boring.


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