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Best Madden game of all time

The Good:


Between the passing advancements of last years iteration (plus the toning down of aggressive catch), the majorly improved defensive play (zone and gap play), and the improved running back differentiation... this game clearly has the best gameplay ever in a Madden game

Best Madden game of all time

The game looks and sounds amazing as well. The presentation is top notch. That's probably the one thing that's right there along with NBA2K. 


There's even some added depth in the franchise mode. I'm a big fan of the new practice squad and the better XP goals. 


The Bad:


There's a lot of bad. What sucks is that it's mostly the same that it's been for a years. New features are never balanced properly. Last year aggressive catch was OP, this time it's the running game. 


There are about 10 major features that NBA2K has that Madden should have (and NFL Head Coach 09 had) but doesn't. The body part injury system, secondary positions, editable drafts and player body types, shooting/kicking by real life player percentages, etc. 


I haven't made it to the off season yet. But I really don't see how it could be any better than what it used to be with so many key franchise features missing. It's almost as if franchise is being completely overlooked (accept for accessibility concerns) in favor of MUT


Madden needs to tune the OL-DL interactions desperately! The running game is WAY too OP. And whether you play with the worse or best OL it doesn't make a difference. I can play with all 60 overall offensive linemen and backs as long as they are athletic and have the same outcome as if they were all pros. Difference makers need to make more of a difference. And the game in general needs to catch up to where NBA2K is at in their franchise mode.


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