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nfl17coin:NFL18COINS - Madden 18 coins Compensation Policy

To enhance delivery madden 18 coins efficiency and protect both buyer and nfl18coins benefits from unnecessary dispute over delaying orders. nfl18coins promises the approved madden 18 order’s delivery will be completed NO more than 5 HOURS. If the order was delayed on nfl18coins side, nfl18coins promises your order will be compensated with extra % currencies.

For example if buy 1000K madden mobile coins in if after 5 hours ago you can not got the coins you can go 50k coins for compensate, if 24 hours you can not got the coins you can get 100k madden 18 coins for compensate. our do order system Will be recorded  very order time! if our is out of the time it will be remind our delivery gamer!

nfl17coin:NFL18COINS - Madden 18 coins Compensation Policy

Madden 18 coins Compensation Policy

Delivery Duration > 5 HOURS, 5% extra Madden 18 coins  will be compensated.
Delivery Duration >24 HOURS, 10% extra Madden 18 coins will be compensated.
Delivery Duration >72 HOURS, a refund will be issued.

The following situations will NOT be counted in Delivery Duration:

  1. Any delay caused by incorrect in-game delivery info provided by buyer.
  2. Any delay caused by abnormal payment status during delivery.
  3. Any delay before order approval such as incorrect order info or payment confirmation. 

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